Author: Adam Cesare
Narrator: David Stifel
Genre: Horror
Approx. 6 hours and 14 minutes

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Can anything stop a creature that won't stop growing...

Sam Taylor just wants a friend. Is that too much to ask? His only mistake is finding that friend in Felix, a lab mouse that Sam rescues from the top-secret facility where he works as a janitor. Shortly after his rescue, the mouse begins to change, to swell. There's something new growing underneath Feliz's fur. Growing very fast.

Holed up in a roadside bar, four survivors-a woman who's lost everything, her drug dealer, a tribal police officer, and a professional gambler-are all that stand between the rampaging beast and the city of Las Vegas. Bur as the monster keeps growing-and eating-how long until it's able to topple the walls protecting them?

" ...Adam Cesare's mix of grim violence and old school horror movie references make for a great read." - Rue Morgue (#152) on Exponential

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