Oak Hollow

Author: Kristopher Rufty
Narrator: David Stifel
Genre: Horror
Approx. 12 Hrs 35 Mins

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"A powerhouse debut novel. Rufty's prose will suck you in and hold you prisoner!" - Ronald Malfi, author of Floating Staircase, on 'Angel Board'

The town of Oak Hollow is very eager to welcome Tracey ... and her baby.

Soon after seventeen-year-old Tracey Parks found out she was pregnant, she was sent off to live with her grandmother in Oak Hollow. It was a painful transition, but she learned to love the quaint town and the people who live there. But now, as the birth of her son gets nearer, the once-friendly town seems much more ominous. Could it be that the residents of Oak Hollow have been waiting for her - and her unborn baby - all along? And what role will her baby play in this macabre nightmare?

"A creepy, gripping tale of horror. And it's got one of the best death scenes I've read in a long time!" - Jeff Strand, author of Pressure, on Angel Board

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